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"I would like to go on record as saying I like Exposé. A lot. I have for over a decade, and I show no signs of stopping.....I first fell in love with the big-haired trio as a teenager. Even though I was entirely too new wave to like "disco," I always lit up when "Point of No Return" came on. Please bear in mind, this is 1985 - before the song was re-recorded by a completely different line-up."

In Praise of Exposé
By Kurt B. Reighley
Kill The Lights, Volume 32
A Column by Reef Valmont and Kurt B. Reighley

The Best Dance Album There Is Exposé burst onto the scene in 1987 with this being their debut. It went double platinum and had numerous hit singles. This album offers three of the best dance singles of the 80's being "Come Go With Me," "Let Me Be the One," and "Point of No Return." All three were huge hits reaching the US top 10. However, the biggest hit on this album and of their career came with the #1 ballad "Seasons Change." Actually, I've never cared for this song and I think their later ballads such as "Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue" and "I'll Never Get Over You" are better. The album also includes the moderate club hit "Exposed To Love" which keeps the energy coming. The non-singles aren't bad either. With five hit singles, you can't go wrong with this album.

It's a real shame Exposé aren't still conquering the charts. They had some great songs. "Come Go With Me" and "Let Me Be the One" are reasons enough to buy this album. It is impossible to sit still when listening to these songs. However, even though this was their biggest album, the hits didn't stop here. If you like this, I also recommend their later two albums along with their "Greatest Hits" which yielded even more hit singles. Exposé are definitely one of the greats when it comes to pop groups.

Even greater than their Greatest Hits, Exposť's first album finds these club-and-chart divas in their most pure form, before personnel changes and the evolving musical climate sent them scrambling from their roots. Exposť were the queens of the Miami sound, and at many points in the 1980s and '90s, queens of the pop charts. But sales never translated to celebrity, and as the members were shuffled and the music grew increasingly anonymous, those who weren't watching closely didn't notice them. Exposure captures Exposť at their peak before the doldrums set it, and it's sure to get a party started, especially if your guests are older folks who remember this group from their first time around.

John Sanchez Exposé Epistle

In 1985, the group Exposé' released two successful club singles, "Point Of No Return" and "Exposed To Love." Both tracks were refreshing, lively and upbeat: combining the genre of freestyle with distinct keyboard riffs, sing along choruses and the spice of Latino flavor to complete the recipe. The group initially consisted of Ale Lorenzo, Sandra Cassanas and Laurie Miller.After the initial success of these two singles, conflicting events and stories developed into the history of the group. When the dust settled, a new line up consisting of Gioia Bruno, Ann Curless and Jeanette Jurado, resulted. This incarnation of the group hit the pop and R&B charts running with "Come Go With Me," a remade "Point Of No Return," "Let Me Be The One" and the number one ballad "Seasons Change." "Come Go With Me" and "Point Of No Return" retained the upbeat freestyle Miami sound and both songs went top five."Let Me Be The One," a mid-tempo soulful track with Gioia on lead, marked interesting distinctions for the trio. First, it demonstrated that despite being a "girl group" (a term which historically identifies a single lead singer), Exposé' alternated lead vocals among its members. Second, the single garnered significant R&B support, no doubt from Gioia's soulful inflections. Lastly, "Let Me Be The One" marked a change of pace from their trademark upbeat Freestyle sound."Seasons Change," with Jeanette performing lead vocals, took them to the top of the pop charts and brought the album, "Exposure," to double platinum status.In addition to the five released singles, check out "I Know You Know," which truly showcases the alternating lead vocal format for the group, as well as the Latino flavor therein. "Love Is Our Destiny," to a degree, can be construded as a cross between Quiet Storm and Freestyle, with Ann crooning the lead vocals."Extra Extra," a mid-tempo album cut, finds Ann singing lead in a higher register while "You're The One I Need" ushers in a frenetic pace with Jeanette.The ballad, "December" spotlights Gioia at her dramatic best, complete with a classical orchestration as its conclusion. Listen out for the trademark "ah's" and lush tickling of the harp musical instrument throughout the ten tracks.Overall, a solid debut album from one of the most successful female trio groups in music.

Exposed to the Miami Sound
August 24, 2000
Chicago, IL USA

Photos by  David Vance

What Really Happened to Exposé?

The original Exposé... Alè Lorenzo, Sandra Casanas, and Laurie Miller were not let go by the label as rumor has it!

Alè Lorenzo was the first to want to leave the group because of other ambitions ... She had already agreed to do all the background vocals on the first album "Exposure" with the exception of "Exposed to Love" which she sang lead on. Arista wanted Alè's voice on the album because she was the vocalist and signature sound on the original version of Point Of No Return. Alè Lorenzo is the only original member who received any royalties from Exposé's success.

Sandra Casanas was released from the group, but went on to have her own solo success.

Laurie Miller was to be the only original member to stay with the group, with Gioa and Jeanette joining her. She had done all her background vocals and leads in the studio for "Exposure". Shortly before the albums completion ... because of many contractual and personal problems, (Executive producer, Frank Diaz was Laurie's fiance') ..Laurie had a change of heart and decided to leave the group to pursue a solo project... Pantera left her background vocals but refused to give her any written credit or acknowledgement. Laurie never signed a contract so she also never received any royalties from her 2 year involvment and work with Exposé.

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