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August 30, 2009


Hola Muchahas!!!


Oh so much to tell here but never enough time... I will try and consolidate.


Just arrived back from Rosario at 7am this morning to Buenos Aires.


No sleep for me.. we left Rosario at 3:30am on the bus... Amazing shows there in this 70 year old theater.

The first night, because of all the juice/electricity that we were using, we overloaded the whole system resulting in a complete


blackout and had to put our makeup on by flash light! They brought in a huge generator outside and all was


fixed and up and running but then,we blew out the power again the next night during the show!

We managed to keep it going though, with our drummer Alex's help and the crowd was well into it.


Finally finished the show packed up and back on the bus again!

I have to admit that I do love being on the road with the whole band... hearing everyone's breathing while they're dreaming of


flying...Somehow it is all quite comforting.

I really feel blessed that we have such a nice family of artists on this tour... very loving and warm.

Pepa and I had a really great afternoon in Buenos Aires going to the museum and Recoletta where we bought some really


great postcards ... then a beautiful lunch finishing just in time to catch a movie.


Ahh what a cozy nice super, clean theater… they even assign you're seats and a just ok movie.


Movies are a big deal here and it was great to escape to another reality for a while.


To bad to get abruptly awakened with a really stupid ending to the movie...


The Ugly Truth... ah well... it was a lot of eye candy and some interesting dialog… well worth it…


and good company to share it with.




Afterward a visit to the Farmacia picking up our freshly cleaned laundry on the way home.


Now…repack and getting ready for much colder weather in the South where we are heading..


Patagonia here we come!!! More soon....


Mil Besos xoxoxoxoxo




July 26, 2009




Ok ok sooo... we've made it through our long rehearsal escapade in Miami and everyone in the band has returned to their


homes in Miami, Kendal, Pompano, Hallandale, Mexico, Venezuela etc.... as we prepare to hit it hard in Argentina for the


Ricardo Montaner World Tour!! Check out the link below for some video clips of all of us in rehearsals and more!




July 18, 2009




Only 2 more weeks before we head out of town.


This week we start rehearsing with the full band that is flying in from Venezuela!


So cool...10am to 6pm Monday through Friday... we should have it all on point after that!!


All the girls are really excited to get going and hear the complete sound with all the musicians and to meet our new family!


It's such an amazing experience to use your voice in a line up of 5 girls...


we're like our own little orchestra and it is very cool to produce harmonies...


Please feel free to contact me with any questions...


Have a great summer and be cool!


All the best...


Laurie xoxo





July 10, 2009




Ricardo Montaner


Upcoming Concert





Hey everyone... this is my new blog page that I am testing out.


I wanted to be able to update you on all the going's on in my world and there is a lot.


So stay tuned for more stories about the adventures I am taking and the journey's I am about to make.


I wish you love....

See the Documentary " Hangin With The Band!"


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