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An Expose on Expose'
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FAN MAIL - aka Love Letters ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


My name is Lance.

So, I have been reading about and researching and watching these videos of the Original Expose' and Laurie Miller and her informative interviews and it is SUCH an interesting Story!!!


I remember when I was a little boy around 6 or 7 and now watching these performances of them it makes me remember seeing these performances on t.v. or video when I was small and I remember that Original Expose' and just remembering how in awe and amazing I thought they were! The moves, the looks, the hair, the performances. Just SO cool.


And then I remember getting the cassette of Exposure and thinking even as a kid something was different. Even me as a kid knew something changed with Point of No Return and there seemed to be other voices on Exposed to Love ( so awesome) and here and there throughout the album.


I remember even in Hawaii some relatives told me that there were other girls and not the ones seen on the Exposure album. After all this recent research in my spare time, I am glad to see your story is finally coming out.


As a child, I remember reading in the rock and roll hall of Fame the names mentioned of Laurie, ale, and Sandra. And as a kid I saw the thank you mention to ale in the Exposure credits, so I always thought, something happened.


The original three girls and their looks and sounds and performances were the Original Expose' that got me hooked. They embodied the Eighties everything Miami. I lived there too. They were a more raw, real, club, creative, fresh, darker eighties feel. Yes I like Jeanette, Gioia, and Ann but they had that polished bubble pop feel. The Original Three were way cooler.


I hope this story gets more " Exposure" somehow. A book? A documentary ( maybe a and e)? A made for t.v. movie? And it would be great for more live performances of Laurie and maybe Ale and Lewis Martinee.


Please keep us posted on any performances! Lately I have been listening to the original Point of no return and Laurie millers love is our destiny ( so much better darker eighties club feel to it). Not only that but listening to " Exposure" trying to pick out voices. Can Laurie tell us which songs have the original girls voices on them sprinkled in? I feel like I hear her on I know You Know. And definitely I hear Laurie on Come Go With Me after she mentioned it in an interview.


It sucks that they are not even mentioned on any tracks on that album when they should be! Let the credits be known! Haha! OK. Thanks a lot for your story. I hope one day when I am back in Miami visiting I can come see you perform!


The Original Expose' was a huge part of my childhood!

Thank you!


Lance Posey


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