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December 2020

I got a lovely email from Nemo and Castro from Berlin the other day. So nice to be getting this support and love from Europe. Really looking forward to the re-release of "Love is a Natural Magical Thing" with Paesaggi records coming very soon!

Also working on the script and screen adaptation of the Story of the Original Expose' for a docu-drama series!!! It's all happening.

Expose Movie Poster.jpg

Hello Laurie,

I hope you are doing well. Me and my friend Castro Moore we are running a record shop (Sound Metaphors) in Berlin since 5 years.

We have a reissue label. We are both very taken by your EP "Love Is A Natural Magical Thing ».

We were wondering whether you had plans to reissue this EP, and if not whether you would be interested in doing a reissue of this music with us.

We would love to collaborate with you on this. We have a super simple deal, paying musicians. We are simply doing this for the love of sharing music.

Please let us know if you would be interested when you get a chance.

All the best,



Record Shop - Berlin

Someone sent me this post from the Retroverse Music site the other day!
What the... after all this time and no one can
find these rare vinyl's!

This is the 12" I did with Ish Ledesma on Atlantic records right after Expose'!


February 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.16.45

Thank you Jaymes!



Message Details:

Name: Leonard Lares


Subject: the original EXPOSE'


Dear Ms. Miller,


I am a mobile DJ from the eighties as well as a former volunteer radio DJ on a local community supported radio station located on the central coast of California located about two hours south of San Francisco.


I was one of maybe five DJ's during this period who even knew what freestyle music was back then. I recently re entered the mobile DJ industry and at my first gig after a brief thirty year absence from the industry I had put together a playlist for this event which included a few tracks by the EXPOSE I knew in 1984. I was playing point of no return when someone who attended this function asked me "I did not know that this song had been re released" and I responded this is the original 12" inch version of Point Of No Return and they really liked the voice of Ale Lorenzo. I told that person "I wish that these three girls would have never left the group" and this person said well I guess you learn something new everyday and I responded yes you do.


I will forever tell people that you three girls will always be EXPOSE in my heart as far as I am concerned and you are surely missed by people who know what real freestyle is about.

Sincerely DJ "OSM"






Laurie Miller is nothing short of a singing-dancing miracle up there on the stage. We become a rapt audience as she relates the sweet and funny story of a consummate talent named Laurie, who, from an early age was performing for family, friends and later--the world. She can do it all--the showgirl high kicks, the love songs, and her signature showstoppers as she belts out song after song and becomes (before our very eyes!) Cher, Barbra, Judy or Liza. Don't miss this!

Nancy Jones, Cultural Critic, NYC




Laurie Miller is a talented and versatile performer who held the audience in the palm of her hand as she belted a standard or soothed every inch of emotion from a lyric. Attractive and shapely in a sparkling black pants outfit, she matched the mood of her renditions with personally designed and decorated accoutrements from scarves to flouncy wrist cuffs to flowing, swirling coats. She sang with power and finesse as she moved gracefully around the stage, talking casually to the audience between numbers. Her professionalism was apparent as she synchronized on occasion with a screen showing her from childhood through her early years on stage, which added an interesting dimension to her performance. She was clever and exceptionally good at her impersonations of Liza Minnelli, Cher and Barbra Streisand, eliciting their inimitable sounds and gestures with just enough exaggeration to make them both thoroughly recognizable and fun. When she moved into a casual second act with pianist Michael Chapman, both sang and enjoyed playing with their music as much as the appreciative audience enjoyed their comfortable, immense talents.

Shirley Wilson, California



Hello Laurie,

My husband and I and our friends attended your great exciting show at Savanna Club a few nights ago... in Port St Lucie.  You were great and we love your voice.  Thank you.      

We have one comment and that is relative to how it ended. Even though you told us that was your last number, we were kind of surprised and didn't really come to our senses that it was over and we all wanted to stand and applaud. We and folks around us wanted to give you a standing ova.  


So, now you know what we were thinking and that maybe next time you'll stand just a moment or two and let us tell you how good you were!


Good luck and success...



June and Gene Walters


Guest entertainer Laurie Miller - whose gutsy presentation calls to mind a very young Barbara Streisand - shined above the rest. I'd like to watch entertainers of Ms. Miller's caliber more frequently - a truly original performance.

Porthole Magazine




I was so impressed by Laurie Miller's singing on a recent Regal Princess cruise that I purchased her CD recording, "A Song For You." I have enjoyed it so much that I would like to purchase additional copies to give to friends. Please quote me the cost of 10 copies of "A Song For You" mailed to my address.

Phil Jontz





I have been fortunate to have seen Ms. Miller's show on a few occassions and each and every time she delivered a top notch family-style performance, provided by an extremely talented and sincere performer! Talented, professional, entertaining; the list of adjectives could go on and on.

Garry Carson





Your show here was have a unique presence on speak from the heart and give great warmth to your was an experience I will never forget!! And I mean that...

Passenger Review





Laurie Miller's show was awesome! When she sang I got goose bumps! I have never heard a more stirring voice! If there had been nothing else but her entertainment on our cruise, I would have been well pleased. Thank you, thank you!

Haz Hassard





Just wanted to let you know I was in the audience last night at Kings Point Tamarac (8/16/08). I have never done this before, but your show was so AMAZING I just had to tell you. There were eight of us in your audience who walked out of the theater singing, laughing, and thrilled to have seen a terrific and talented person such as yourself!

Susan Stouber




I had the greatest pleasure and joy in seeing your performance last night at the Palace Theater in Kings Point, Tamarac. Your talent, your charming personality, and your rapport with the audience absolutely delighted them!

Beverly Sands


2009 promo video...

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